I wanted to take this opportunity to honor Moms, specifically to celebrate the occasion when they get to stand by their child on their wedding day. Motherhood is made up of so many different moments and feelings— from babyhood to childhood to adulthood, a Mom is there through it all. A wedding day is meaningful for the people getting married but also for those that have supported them and raised them to be able to get to this special point in their lives.

There are very few people in life that support you like Mom. She feels the pride of all that her child has become, she feels fulfilled that they have found someone to love, she is hopeful for the future—whether it be seeing the family grow or in sharing many more good times to come. Most importantly, I have found that Moms can be the strength that a bride and a groom needs throughout their wedding day—just as they are throughout life!

Happy Mother’s Day to my mom (pictured center on my own wedding day) and to all Moms who show love for your kids every single day of the year!