Tricia McCormack Photography was thrilled to be the event photographer for the international event Diner En Blanc when it took place in Boston last month. This event brings out  thousands of people dressed all in white, and they gather with decorations, table and chairs – also in white to have an elegant mass “chic picnic” in a space that is only revealed to the guests moments before.

This event was expertly planned and the guests were so charming and fashionable. I caught people meeting at the Park Street Station and my Associate Lisa was ready when everyone filed into City Hall Plaza (the secret location).

Cocktails poured from sponsor One Hope while DJ Ryan Brown played setting the perfect mood. The napkin wave was the signal that everyone had their decor and tableware set up and ready to enjoy their food.

As the sun went down, “sparklers” were handed out to the crowds and this marked the start of the party.  An epic dance party continued as night fell. From a photographers perspective this was an unbelievably gorgeous event to photograph!

Thank you Diner En Blanc Boston for allowing us to be a part of this extraordinary event!

Check out Rob Ranney’s teaser video here: https://vimeo.com/289899670

EVENT PLANNING – Anna Berezina
DJ – Ryan Brown
PHOTOGRAPHY – Tricia McCormack Photography

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