I was so looking forward to seeing Cindy and James again. We had such a great time during their engagement session this winter. It was a frigid afternoon and Cindy and James were so “go with the flow” that I knew we’d have a lot of fun during their wedding day.  If you remember their story, this cute couple met in college at Hofstra University, where they were both chemistry majors.  They started dating after James convinced Cindy to spend more time with him under the disguise of a chemistry study group.

I imagined after I met Cindy and James that their families and friends must also be wonderful but their wedding day far exceeded those expectations. Let me tell you, these two are so loved! They were met with so much excitement and I was moved by how close they were to their own parents but also each others parents which are of course their new in laws. 

I even witnessed this excitement after posting a sneak peeks the week of their wedding. Every one was commenting and sharing their excitement about every image. Yes, more of that please!! I love hearing that enthusiasm and feedback, it makes my work even more fun. 

Cindy and James you have been such a pleasure to get to know. I know your future will be so wonderful together. Happy one month anniversary! 



VENUE – Gedney Farm
HAIR AND MAKEUP – Allure Traveling Beauty
FLORIST – Flower Blossom Farm
DJ – JTD Productions
PHOTOGRAPHER – Tricia McCormack Photography
SECOND SHOOTER – Elaina Mortali

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