For this post, I asked that my intern Abby to be a guest blogger. She and I have been working together since October 2011. Not only has she assisted with photo shoots (her first day we did 7 sessions in a row!), she has also been helping with the business side of things.  Most recently she saved me by helping me put up the Photo Booth for a fundraising event – it’s nice to have the help when needed…thanks Abby!! In the fall, I had the opportunity to take her family’s portraits and her Senior picture. During the session we had a blast, I let the family just be themselves and as a result we caputured beautiful shots that I hope will help them remember this special time before Abby graduates from High School.  Here’s a few photos that Abby and chose together for this post along with a little bit about what Abby had to say about the session:

“My name is Abigail Fenton, I am a high school senior at Lenox High, and Tricia’s Intern. Next year I will be moving on to college to study photography at Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) in Georgia. I love photography because you can capture moments that tell a whole story and last a lifetime. Photography also has the ability to make anything simple seem more complex and beautiful.  This was only my second family photo session with a professional photographer. The last time my family and I did this was when I was 7 years old. As with most families, there was a lot of stress beforehand about what everyone should wear and would  every one look happy in the photographs. Tricia provided wardrobe tips and having that definitely relieved some of the stress. I loved the session, because not only was Tricia very personable and made everyone feel at ease, but it was one last chance for my family and I to be captured in a certain way before I head off to college. After the session I was very anxious to review the photos. Looking through the photos, there is a certain essence that came across. We all look so happy and there is a closeness you can feel just by looking at the pictures. These pictures are something that we will have forever. Now, we have some of the photos printed and  hung up all around our house. I love seeing them because not only do we look so close, but it reminds me of the day we got these taken. It was an easy going day where we joked around and had so many laughs. Not only does my family and I love seeing these photos around the house, but every time someone walks in the door they comment on how beautiful they are.” 

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