The excitement I feel for 2012 is off the charts. It feels like I’ve been working so hard to get to this point and now I’m ready…ready to make it all happen. The first minutes of 2012 were spent photographing a New Year’s Eve wedding. Everything about it was phenomenal including Erin & Colin themselves and their incredible families. I love the pictures captured and can’t wait to share them with the bride and groom. (That is, once I get through editing 12 hours and 2 shooters worth. Wow!) I’ve spent the remaining days of this week organizing and preparing my home and office and it feels AMAZING. It was the best way to give my family and business a clean slate for 2012. Now, I’m ready and although January originally seemed like it would slower than past months for me, I already have some photo shoots, client consults, photography workshops, business projects and I’m working with a designer for a new look for my website and blog.

The excitement I have for 2012 stems from the success and joy experienced in 2011. I mentioned in a recent FB post that 2011 will go down in history as the year I took the biggest leap of faith in myself. I quit my corporate job after 14 years and took my photography business from part time to full time. There wasn’t one day in 2011 that I looked back with doubt. I made the right choice! Although it has been exciting, there were times I was completely overwhelmed, but even in those moments I felt in control of my own happiness and certain that being a photographer was what I am meant to do. The most incredible thing has been how much I have learned in 2011. The biggest reason for that is the networking I have done with other photographers. They have become mentors and friends. For that very reason, I’ll be headed to Mystic CT for the next three days to attend Mystic Seminars so I can meet new industry contacts and reconnect with familiar ones too. I’ll play the nerdy student sitting in the front of the room, so I can absorb all the education I can about photography and how to provide a better experience for my customers. I’m so grateful to my family, friends and clients who have supported me this year. It just feels so wonderful to have this kind of support. I’m ending this post with a favorite photo from this past Saturday of Erin with her dad, ready to leave the house to become the new Mrs. Sheehan. XO – Tricia