Last year, Ari and David Chan were married in June with a beautiful ceremony and reception at Cranwell. I loved being their wedding photographer as they are two wonderful people as well as some of the most easy going people I have ever met. The opposite of Bridezilla? Answer: Arianwen Hedgecock.

Easy going has to be the right requirement to be parents of twins. It seems to me that if anyone can handle two sets of feedings, two sets of diaper changes, two sets of crying babies – it is Ari and David.

Seeing them in action with the extraordinarily cute and good natured Milo and Neo was pretty amazing. These boys were so beautiful and their parents even though just a couple weeks in the role of parenthood, were so relaxed, joyful and smitten with their little men.

Thank you Chan family for having me over to take these photographs. I was in heaven being with you and those beautiful babies!