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Behind the Scenes


I’m Tricia, the photographer and business owner behind the dreamy portraits, the Berkshire green color palettes, and the best photo team in the world. We are 4 women, currently navigating unique stages of motherhood while diving into our creativity at work. We care deeply about our clients, while at the same time cheering on one another in life behind the scenes. 
My love languages? 
1. Words of affirmation - the empowering kind
2. When friends share links to their favorite things
3. Warm welcomes  

Want to get to know us?

The owner and lead photographer (the actual heart and soul) of TMP has two decades of professional photography experience. Tricia excels in capturing the essence of Berkshire weddings and genuine warmth of families. Her expertise extends to branding photography and head shots, where she skillfully meets the needs of professionals and business owners. Multi-talented, highly organized, and someone you just want to be around, Tricia is a total “girl’s girl”. Once you have a relationship with Tricia you’ll want to keep coming back for more. Tricia has unwavering dedication and care for every client. She is the kind of person who shows up no matter what and brings love, hustle, and enthusiasm to every client she touches.


I can't live without

Oura Ring, St. Patrick's Day parties, Beauty Matcha Lattes, BK Beauty brushes, Chris Stapleton Radio


i'm everyone's hype girl

In high school, I was the first ever recipient of our "school spirit" award. Cheering people on is my thing. I run outdoor fitness classes at TK-Fit (one of my other businesses).


I make a mean smoothie

Anything to make an office day with the girls fun and healthy. (Cocktail hour? Margarita, please). Click here for my favorite smoothie recipe.


what takes up most of my heart

These guys. My husband, Tom and two boys, Andy and Connor. Believe it or not, they are as supportive as they are handsome.


what I still want to learn

To speak fluent Spanish! I studied it through college and I'm holding on to a dream of immersing myself in a Spanish speaking country for a month (or two). 


From a young age I adored the camera. You never had to persuade me to be in the photo. I would love watching my mom regularly print photos and arrange them in albums. These moments sparked a love for capturing memories.

In all honesty

The one (and only) Associate Photographer for TMP has been here since the beginning. For over a decade, Lisa has been the perfect complement to Tricia’s wedding day style, often predicting what Tricia needs before she realizes it herself. She is so attentive to wedding day schedules and double-checking details (she’ll know your wedding day timeline better than you). She has a keen eye for capturing the often overlooked moments at weddings, the slices of life, the reactions of guests, the beautiful florals. Lisa excels at capturing beautiful family portraits throughout the year too. She is a master editor, meticulously organizes files and manages all equipment and technology. Lisa is the epitome of loyalty. You can feel her sincerity and dedication the moment you meet her. She often tears up when talking about her job OR when she finds something really, really funny. Lisa is the ultimate team player and an irreplaceable part of TMP.


I have to have

My rice cooker, packing cubes, Buxom Lip Plumper (color: Dolly), Apple Watch, Jane Iredale blush stick, my perfume Love Relentlessly by Tory Burch


my favorite feeling in the world

Luna's face when she sees me. It lights up like a burst of pure joy and there truly is no greater feeling. Every cry, giggle, and milestone - I can't get enough.


I alwayS get asked

How do you do your hair like that? Are you and Tricia related? What's your secret for such white teeth?


The incredible office manager who keeps everything running like clockwork. Janet truly is the heart of operations. Her knack for keeping it all organized is unmatched—she's the reason our inboxes are always tidy and our systems are streamlined. The queen of email communication (and the most efficient spreadsheet creator ever), will get you answers fast. Her expertise and contributions to Berkshire Photo Booth have been instrumental in its tremendous growth and expansion. Janet is thoughtful, a truly great listener, and picks out the best office snacks. When you’re around Janet her positive energy and uplifting attitude will brighten your day. Sometimes she just shows up with flowers for the team from her garden. Ten out of ten kind of friend.


my must haves

Black Magic mascara, Jalapeño margaritas, warm garden strawberries, lilacs, my candle warmer, my Converse.


all i need

Spending time in my garden, or evenings playing board games with my sweet family, softball games, school events, and last minute sleepovers.


i'm really good at

Remembering the thing everyone else forgot, saying no when it doesn't feel right, and knowing about hidden cafes and restaurants in the Berkshires.


Our marketing manager, the creative force behind our engaging emails and the pretty posts on social media. Her impeccable memory of our couples' photos, means we always have the perfect image to highlight the story we’re trying to tell. Beyond marketing, Kalei steps in as a second photographer and assistant on wedding days. Her favorite part? Styling and photographing the invitation suites. You may also see her working her magic in our photo booth. Her true expertise however, lies in wedding album design and completion, where she meticulously guides clients through the entire process, ensuring they end up with the perfect curation of their day. Kalei's dedication to her designs and her genuine connection with people make her an invaluable part of our team. She brings vision and life to every project she touches and fresh ideas and FUN to our office.


I can't live without

High Lawn Farm milk, Sebastian hairspray, gum while I work, Spotify, wrapping paper for every occasion, peonies


in my spare time

LOL, what's spare time? These two have me relocating worms, playing princess, jumping in pools, and practicing patience.


a place i'll never forget

Thailand. Serene beaches and lush jungles. Lifelong friends on mopeds, sleeping in treehouses and floating bungalows. Youth and bold flavors. 


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our favorite

about you

Our clients are seekers of beauty, lovers of The Berkshires, with a taste for beautiful details and leaving a legacy through photographs.

Does this sound like you? Inquire with us.




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