Taking pictures of the interior of a home is hard! Try it! You can never seem to get an accurate view of what it actually looks like in real life. I am so excited to share that TMP has new technology for real estate photographs. If you are listing a short term rental property, need photographs for your website, or are selling your home, we can help. iPhone photos are really good, but our cameras have settings that the average camera does not. We also have software that takes HDR images and editing capabilities beyond filters.

If you want to rent your property out quickly, it is crucial to have updated, accurate, and attractive pictures of your space. We can photograph your home from different angles and capture details of your property that may interest potential clients looking to rent short term here in the Berkshires. Clients are more likely to view your property when they see clear, consistently edited pictures that showcase the best corners of your home when searching on vacation rental booking sites.

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