Leo emailed me in 2017 about a surprise engagement photo shoot for his girlfriend Ceira. After hearing the details I was so excited. But then..I was nervous. 

“How will we surprise her?” I said

“We will tell her she won a contest for a free photo session!” Leo said

“Will she really believe that?” 

Without hesitation, he said “Yes! She will.  She’s ALWAYS winning things.” 

“Hmmm. OK” I said. 

At the time I didn’t really get it. How does a person always win everything? After Ceira said “yes” and Leo pulled off the perfect surprise with photos and all, I was fortunate to start seeing Ceira on a regular basis. She began coming to my fitness classes and that even included the 3x a week ones at 5:00am. (Ugh, right? )

Ceira, as I got to know her, works hard and is determined.  She is bright, she is sweet and she radiates HAPPY. For all these reasons she is successful at what she goes for. I saw that when she tackled every fitness challenge I gave her. 

I soon learned she was also successful in winning Leo’s heart too in one of the most endearing “how did you meet” stories I’ve ever heard. Leo was a teller at Ceira’s bank and when a few sparks flew between them, Ceira came up with extra excuses to visit him there.  They both laugh when retelling the story about how Ceira would even deposit extra dollar bills into her account just for the interaction. How could he resist? They were later  introduced outside of the bank through a mutual friend and began dating. Leo admits she had totally won his heart. 

At the wedding, I loved getting to know Leo more through the words of the Best Man’s speeches. It was so interesting to hear how Leo moved to the US from the Ukraine when he was just 8 years old, he didn’t even speak English. Leo being the determined, talented and wonderful person he is, built a successful life for himself in the Berkshires. 

Now, writing this,  I feel like the winner. I have loved getting to know Ceira and Leo and feel so HONORED that I was there for two incredibly special times in their life – their engagement and their wedding. 

I am so excited to share these highlights from a gorgeous, laughter filled day that showcased their personalities and their. love for each other, family and friends. 

Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Yantovsky!



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