On a beautiful Wednesday in May, Alexis and Domenic were married in a small, private ceremony at a friend’s home in Lenox, MA. The mood was casual and fun, and it was obvious Alexis and Domenic were very much in love. They originally were not going to hire a photographer for their intimate event, but they contacted me after seeing my blog and examples of how a small intimate affair can be captured, and I’m so glad they did! 

Family was the unspoken theme for this wedding. Both Alexis and Domenic have a daughter each, and they highlighted these special girls and this new family that they were creating. You could tell how much the girls adored each other and their parents. In addition, Domenic’s father officiated the ceremony, and he gave a very touching service. There was a sense of love throughout the whole day. 

Thank you, Alexis & Domenic, for allowing me to share in your wedding and become a part of your wonderful family, if only for a moment. I loved  documenting this special day! 

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