Beth and Zak’s wedding day was the sweetest and the sunniest! An unusually warm day in May at The Montague Retreat Center offered a relaxed and peaceful atmosphere that represented this couple so perfectly. It was evident during speeches how much these two are loved. It filled the tent! Their friends and family spoke of deep connections and love that brought the two families together.

Beth and Zak met on a study abroad trip to Italy, but it was actually Beth’s twin sister, Kathy, who first met Zak. Zak and Kathy attended the same college and it wasn’t until a couple years later (in Italy) that Beth and Zak would connect. Beth and Zak, both teachers live in Eastern MA and they spend their time playing board games, hiking, or reading fantasy. I had such a great day getting to know you and all the people that love you! Enjoy your summer off together!

xo Tricia