PHOTOGRAPHER – Tricia McCormack Photography / Elaina Mortali Photography
VENUE – The Williams Inn
FLORIST – Carolyn Valenti Flowers
HAIR STYLIST – Sonya Heimann
MAKEUP ARTIST – Daniela Pignatelli
SPRAY TAN – Simply Sunless
GOWN – Essense of Australia
SEAMSTRESS – Emily Joy Seamstress
TUX – Steven Valenti Clothing for Men
INVITATIONS – Margo Designs
POSTAGE – Little Postage House
CALLIGRAPHY – The Calligrapher Rose
RENTALS – Classical Tents
LIGHTING – Rob Alberti
JEWELER – M Edwards
CAKE – Simply Sweet
PHOTO BOOTH – Berkshire Photo Booth

10 years ago, I met Lisa for the first time over a cup of coffee. Our meeting was a follow up to her inquiry to see if I’d consider her as a second shooter. Lisa as a recent college graduate, seemed uncertain of what she wanted and was a bit shy as we chatted but as she began working for me, I quickly experienced the characteristics that make her so wonderful. If you know Lisa, you know that she is fiercely loyal to those people she loves. She also has one of the biggest hearts you’ll ever find.

In the years that Lisa and I have worked together, we’ve shown up for one another in all sorts of ways personally and professionally. As you might imagine, together through this work we do, we’ve experienced many high pressured situations together but we’ve also seen more beautiful places and loving moments as a team than many will ever get to experience in a lifetime.

Lisa and I have said often that she is my little sister and its only fitting that over the years, I’ve been very protective of her. The person she married would have to be someone incredibly special in order to be deserving of her. And THAT is where Mike comes in. It seems like to all of us that love Lisa, we knew in an instant – he was THE ONE. Mike has a warmth in his smile but also in the way he makes everyone feel. However, its the way he looks at Lisa that makes all of us that care for her, so very happy.

So here we are 10 years after that coffee shop meeting. Now, Lisa is a woman full of confidence and also very certain of what she wants in her life. Of course, why wouldn’t she be? She is beautiful, insanely talented and still has the biggest heart you could ever find.

That is why it made us all of us so happy this past Saturday to see Mike and Lisa became Mr. & Mrs. Finneran! It was incredible to see this couple who are beautiful inside and out celebrate the start of their life together. I can’t wait to share a few photos with you.

Congratulations and so much love,