Cindy and James were just the sweetest! I’m so excited to shoot their wedding this Fall. This cute couple met in college at Hofstra University, where they were both chemistry majors.  They started dating after James convinced Cindy to spend more time with him under the pretense of a physical chemistry study group.

Their proposal story had our whole office letting out a collective “awwwww”. 

Every year since graduating from college, they recreate their first date at their favorite Italian restaurant called Vincent’s near Hofstra. Last year, before dinner, James suggested walking around their old campus and he proposed at the spot where they had their first kiss! After college graduation, James started a chemistry Ph.D. program at Vanderbilt and Cindy started medical school at Harvard, starting a 1,100-mile long distance relationship.

You can tell these two were built to last. Their “chemistry” is clear. It was such a pleasure photographing them with wintery and quaint Stockbridge as the backdrop!

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