Today the wind is howling and I think the best idea is to just get inside and try to find a way to get cozy. That cozy feeling has inspired me to post my winter engagement session of Haley & Derrick. 

These two met for their engagement session on a snowy winter morning when it was early enough to catch some beautiful golden light. I love that they chose this season to take pictures especially since their wedding is in the summer.  I love when their is a contrast for couples between their engagement session photos and wedding photos. 

I am so thrilled to be the photographer for these two. I liked each of them instantly when I met them separately as a bridesmaid and groomsman at two different weddings. I loved hearing how the story of how they came together. It was actually their parents that plotted their set up!

Haley’s family went to Derrick’s family’s Christmas Eve party. Without knowledge of the set up, they spent most of the night talking and Derrick asked Haley on a date. Since that time, they have been inseparable. Great work Mr. & Mrs. Berger and Mr. & Mrs. Haddad! Their relationship was long distance for 8 months and then Haley moved back to the Berkshires so they could be together.

Love it! It’s obvious you are crazy for each other and I can’t wait to capture your day in June at Bloom Meadows. 



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