Tara and Andrew (AJ) met when both attending Holy Cross in Worcester, MA. They met when their mutual friends arranged a dinner party at AJ’s apartment and he made pasta with red sauce and when he heard that Tara would be attending but despised tomatoes he made her a special pasta with butter and cheese. She knew then that he was a keeper! Tara and AJ spent the rest of the dinner party chatting about their shared interests in music and movies. AJ graduated and moved to Boston and shortly after, Tara joined him. They’ll be married next year in the Berkshires at the Mountand I can’t wait to be there to capture it all!

I found it so amazing to hear all they’ve been through as a couple so far, including Tara in medical school (wow the hours required is mind blowing), helping each other through surgeries and now after living in the South End for 4 years, they’ve decided their next move will be DC to start new jobs and a new adventure – but they are in it TOGETHER.

They love the beautiful neighborhood that they have called home until now and we had such fun walking around capturing all the spots they wanted to keep in their memory. 

I hope you enjoy these favorites! 


17 Main Street #2,
Lee, MA 01238

+ 1 413 358 8006