“We realized that he’s growing up so fast and really just want to catch this moment.” This is what Rachel, mom of 7 year old Jolyan wrote me.  Their little boy was about to lose his first tooth and they wanted to make sure they captured this special milestone. 

This, I thought to myself, is exactly why I LOVE being a photographer. I have the honor of preserving moments like these. These moments are precious and fleeting and I know this too, as mother of two young boys. 

I loved my time with Franck, Rachel and Jolyan when we met for our session one early spring afternoon. This hard working family are the owners of the popular Chez Nous Bistro in Lee, MA. If you have ever met them you know what a fun and wonderful family they are. It felt so nice to spend time with them and was easy to see that when they are together, it’s really special.

As I always do I asked Rachel and Franck if I could take some pictures of just the two of them. After all, after we have kids we usually put them in front of the camera and not ourselves. As I snapped that first photo of just them, they admitted that they didn’t have photos from their wedding! “What??” That’s when I told them we were going to have a mini “engagement” session right here, right now. They laughed!.  It was one of my favorite part of this family session. I loved seeing them just have a little fun together. I love these sweet and loving pictures of the two of them. 

I’m excited to share this adorable family session and add as an update, that Jolyan has since lost his two front teeth!




17 Main Street #2,
Lee, MA 01238
+ 1 413 358 8006