Those months leading up to getting married, yes, I vividly remeber how it felt. It was exhilarating, romantic … oh, and a tiny bit stressful. Right? 

I want my couples to feel celebrated during this time and I want them to also know how much I appreciate them.

With the help of Chocolate Springs Café, I created a small gift for my brides and grooms who are in the planning stage of their wedding. Each box included personalized Tricia McCormack Photography chocolates. Together, my Studio Manager, Christina, and I packaged and shipped out this special surprise to each client. My living room looked like we had converted it into a shipping warehouse!

If you’ve been to Chocolate Springs, you know this is the best chocolate you’ll ever have the pleasure of tasting. I love every single experience I have with Josh and his staff. I feel so welcome every time I go into their shop. I loved choosing my personal favorite flavors for each of these gift boxes, including Dark Salted Caramel, Crème Brûlée and Lavendar Honey. I put Champagne Cognac dusted with gold in there too, because after all we are celebrating YOU!

Sending out handwritten notes and gifts of appreciation has been something I’ve always wanted to do. Finally, I found the perfect way to express my appreciation to my clients. I know they have other choices when it comes to picking a photographer. I’m so glad they’ve selected me.

I’ve also incorporated sending gifts to those people who refer their friends to me. I appreciate those referrals so much. I can’t say thank you enough to all of those people who support me and Tricia McCormack Photography.





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