Every year, I ask a different photographer to take pictures of my family. I love having our family captured in photographs—my kids are changing so much and I want this time in our lives documented. I enjoy the experience of being on the other side of the camera as I feel it really helps me relate to my clients who hire me to take family portraits. 

That’s why I jumped at the chance when another wedding photographer asked me to take his family’s photographs. Christopher Duggan of Christopher Duggan Photography lives here in the summer with his family and it was the perfect time to capture them in their summer home in the Berkshires. 

I was so looking forward to the shoot, but couldn’t help but be a little nervous. Someone who knows the ins and outs of photography watching you in action? Yes, that’s a bit unnerving. But when I arrived at Christopher Duggan’s family summer home this July, I was instantly shown there was nothing to be shy about. He greeted me with nothing but warmth—and his youngest, baby Jack, had a big smile too. 

I can honestly say it was one of the nicest family sessions I have ever had. Their oldest, Gracie, was as sweet as a little girl could be, she was the best at getting her baby brother to smile. I loved meeting Christopher’s wife, Nel, who is witty, smart and so much fun. 

Our session ended in a way none of my sessions have before…..on a TRAMPOLINE!  I even got on and when Gracie took my hand, we had some fun jumping for her dad’s camera. 

Christopher has been amazing at opening himself up to being part of a sharing community within the Berkshires. Together with Tara Consolati, who is heading up the Berkshire Wedding Collective, I feel I have great peers to rely on and share opportunities to serve the community. Speaking of—I can’t wait to have some fun with Christopher, Tara, and other wedding industry friends at the party the Berkshire Wedding Collective party next week. Stay tuned for images on my Facebook page and on Instagram from that event. 

Thank you, Christopher and Nel, for trusting me with these moments in your family during a special time of your year. I loved spending time together and really look forward to seeing you again. 


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