Erica and Corey are getting married in August 2014 at the Pittsfield Country Club. We met at Tanglewood in Lenox, MA in late October for their engagement shoot. 

I love how easy-going Erica and Corey are, we spent the majority of time walking around and talking about how they met (a mutual friend set them up) and how excited they are for their upcoming wedding. They took some time to get used to the camera, but as we chatted they became more relaxed and more themselves, and I love the genuine having fun and in-love shots we got, because that is how I saw them that day. 

My favorite shot was while they went to change into another outfit, I turned to my left and saw the clouds in the distance. Just then, I caught the silhouette of a bird who flew agains the sky. I put Erica and Corey in that exact spot and got one of my favorite silhouette pictures ever. They had no idea what I was doing but trusted me to get the shot! 

Erica & Corey, I can’t wait for your wedding, and I’m so glad we got the time to get to know each other and practice for the big day! 

Talk to you soon, 

xo- Tricia


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Lee, MA 01238
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