What a fun post to share today! This is a special one because Christina works for Tricia McCormack Photography and I’m excited to share a session we did for her recently. We actually do a session every year together and it is something I really look forward to. This year Christina suggested a winter session and it was so beautiful. I know we weren’t expecting this much snow but we made it work. We went to Kennedy Park and then for some hot chocolate at the Arcadian Shop with heart shaped marshmellows to celebrate Valentine’s day.  

I have the perfect person working for me because Christina gets emotional every time she sees other families photos. You can only imagine the sentiment she feels when she sees her own.  I love her reactions and I asked her what it meant to get their photos taken every year. She shared:

“Anyone that knows me knows that I am not a picture person and have never liked getting pictures taken of myself, so it may come as shock to hear that I absolutely LOVE our family portrait sessions and look forward to them every year.  I decided that what I really want for my daughters to remember and see is not only how much we change through they years (and boy have they changed so much in 3 short years!), but more importantly, how much love we have for each other and how important family is to us, and that always comes through in Tricia’s family portrait images.  So far we have had our sessions during the fall, summer, and most recently in the winter, and I love each season for different reasons, but the end result is always the same: beautiful memories and tangible mementos to pass down to future generations.  Aside from prints for ourselves, gift prints for family, and christmas cards, we are so in love with the cluster of canvases from our very first session that we display them prominently on our living room wall and have received so many compliments over the years.  But by far our favorite keepsakes are the gorgeous leather albums that we purchase from each session.  It is something that is important to my husband to have, and I’m so glad we make it a priority to have them made.  The girls love to flip through the albums and reminisce about memories from each session, and I love knowing that one day they will flip through them and share those same memories with their children.” 

Thank you Christina, Chris, Juliana and Aurora for trusting me with these memories every year. It is a highlight for me every time! 


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