I didn’t always have these businesses, clients who became friends, a dynamic team to work with, and fitness classes that make me feel full of life.

15 years ago you would have found a girl in her early 30’s with two side passions, one in photography and one in fitness, a full time corporate job, a toddler, a newborn and a big dream of taking control of her own schedule and doing work that would make her feel whole. This of course, was me.

Years later, my oldest was enrolled in Kindergarten and interest was building in my photography and fitness classes, and I felt the leverage and courage to go out on my own full time. I had to believe that this leap would give me the flexibility in schedule to be there for my kids and that I’d make enough income to keep our family afloat.

Client by client, day by day we’ve made it to where we are today.  Tricia McCormack Photography is a premiere photography service in the Berkshires and beyond. I am the leader of our 4 woman team that I love dreaming big with every day.

In the beginning

In the summer of 2011, I left after working in a corporate business environment since my college graduation. For years, I wore a suit and took the subway to work. I had traveled the country for meetings, presentations and trade shows. Now, I was ready to settle down and plant strong roots in the Berkshires. 

At the same time I was building my photography portfolio, I had become an ACE certified Personal Trainer and AFAA certified Fitness Instructor. I loved encouraging people in the area of fitness. I decided after personal training and teaching classes at various gyms that it was time to start my own thing. I rented space at a community center in 2008 and began emailing anyone I knew to spread the word. This is how TK-Fit was born. Class size grew quickly and I was teaching classes for about 30 people 3x a week. With high demand for more, I had the idea to expand classes into a weekly outdoor adventure series. I came up with Outdoor Winter BootCamp and Summer BootCamp. I’m still teaching those classes today 

Then I had another idea...

I set up a tripod and a backdrop in my living room and practiced on 2-year old Connor (pictured). I thought this would be an amazing way to get bonus pictures of guests at a wedding.  I reached out to a friend of a friend who I knew was getting married and asked if she was interested in my “Crazybooth”.  It was a success and she loved all these fun group photos of her guests.  

Months later, I decided I’d upgrade this idea by purchasing a free standing structure that I’d put together for clients at their event. This archaic booth was Berkshire Photo Booth‘s beginning. I’ve had six versions of the photo booth in total and with the help of our trained team of attendants, it’s been part of hundreds of weddings and events. I’m really excited about our best upgrade yet – our latest photo booth launched in January 2023, the real camera provides the highest quality photos, instant downloads and prints immediately on site. The best of all 6 generations have come together – FINALLY.  Find out more here:

Looking Back...

I see that I was incredibly driven to go out on my own at the same time I was starting a family.  I slept very little and learned many lessons the hard way, but there was something inside me pulling me in a new direction. As a new mom, my time was the thing that mattered most.  I wanted to be the one to decide my schedule and I wanted to feel like the hours I put into work was an extension of who I was as a person. 

I took this leap into entrepreneurship when Andy entered Kindergarten and this spring, he will graduate from high school. I am no longer that young mom working late into the night and waking up before hearing babies cry for me in the morning. I’m a mom of two teenagers and feel so incredibly grateful that I have been intentionally present during their childhood. I lead a business where the people who work for me know that their family comes first and that we create a life where you love the work you do. 

What's next...

As a business owner, it’s natural to plan ahead. When I think of the future of TMP,  I have our company mission in mind. We want to care for our customers in a way that exceeds their expectations and deliver beautiful images that exhibit mastery in our craft. We want to show the love and authentic emotion of our subjects. Legacy is our ultimate goal. We want to give legacy through photographs and serve the community that has supported us for over a decade.  

Our favorite community projects

Here are some projects that we have completed that mean so much to us and that we hope to expand on in the future.

Nursing homes – taking portraits of residents and then hand delivering beautiful prints to them including one wrapped up so that they could give to their family as a holiday gift. 

Foster Families – we partnered up with Daisy Stone, a local floral designer to create an incredible studio set up to take pictures of foster parents and their families, so the foster kids felt love and a sense of belonging with the host family caring for them. Charities/Galas – we continually donate our time and our photo booth to local fundraising events 

High School Interns/Job Shadow – TMP has spent time with local high school students as interns throughout the years to help them pursue their passions. Our first intern experience was in 2012 and we just wrapped up time with a student from the class of 2023. 

Albums – we are focused on working with clients to create a beautiful keepsake that won’t become obsolete. We believe an album lasts forever and will allow future generations to know your love story. 

Thank you for reading. Your support means the world to me …. then and now. 


17 Main Street #2,
Lee, MA 01238
+ 1 413 358 8006