I’m excited to write this post and to formally introduce Lisa Goudey as my Associate Photographer. Our history dates back to 2012 when we met up in a coffee shop after Lisa graduated from college with a photography degree and was looking for opportunities she could apply her education to.

I asked her if she’d like to lend a hand as an assistant to a small December wedding. I’d need her to hold some lights, to help carry equipment and take a few supplemental shots if needed.

On that day an unexpected snowstorm rolled through our area and I found the help of an assistant went from a nice-to-have to a necessity. Lisa went above and beyond, she was exactly where I needed her to be and showed the kind of hustle that I value in myself.

I felt comfortable now to ask her to join me as an assistant at a New Year’s Eve wedding. She’d have the same responsibilities but also set up our Photo Booth as well. Once again she was a great help to me and I was noticing that she was incredibly sweet to our clients and that was of the utmost importance to me. It felt promising and fun ringing in the New Year with Lisa.

Throughout these last 5 years, I’ve been sharing much of what I know about photography with Lisa and it’s been a bonus to have her education shared with me too. She’s assisted me at over 100 weddings and numerous family sessions. She has begun to work in my office to help respond to clients in the most timely, warm and professional way.  Lisa is also our go to person with questions about the technology behind our Photo Booth and it’s been exciting to watch the popularity of Berkshire Photo Booth grow with her help.

Lisa is a talented photographer who knows the importance of lighting, setting the scene and getting the best out of people. She is loyal and kind and I feel lucky to have her working for me.

As Tricia McCormack PhotographyBerkshire Photo Booth and my fitness business TK-Fit continue to grow, I need good people to help me support my customers. This is why I’m excited to expand Lisa’s responsibilities to work with me as an Associate Photographer.

Lisa will specialize in maternity and newborn photography and will be taking family portrait sessions for Tricia McCormack Photography (TMP) as well. When you contact TMP for a session, I’ll be able to provide you more options and a more flexible schedule now that both Lisa and I are taking appointments.

I hope you’ll enjoy some favorites from her portfolio. If you’re interested in signing up for a session with Tricia McCormack Photography, please click on our contact form




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