I am absolutely thrilled to announce that I have the honor of being part of the Lenox Library 200th anniversary event. 

As part of the event, the library has asked local artists and photographers to help out with images that reflect the library’s history and its importance to the community. I am one of the photographers contributing to this book which is pretty exciting. The Lenox Library was a part of my childhood—as it is a big part of my sons’ lives. It’s a great place for people, young and old, to relax and enjoy reading, and I can’t imagine this town without it. The image I submitted was my youngest son lost in the world of books. It’s such a great candid shot of him and I love that it is in the Lenox Library, a place we both cherish so much. 

The Lenox Library will host its special event on May 30, 2015. Tickets are $50/person or $60 with a commemorate art book. Extra books can be bought at the event for $15. If you have the chance, I would definitely recommend attending! So much talent are respresented by these images, and this library really is a beautiful and meaningful part of our town history.

A big thank you to the Lenox Library for allowing me to be a part of this amazing project. I can’t wait to hear about the success of this event!


17 Main Street #2,
Lee, MA 01238

+ 1 413 358 8006