Alison and Adam’s wedding had so many special moments. I met Alison and Adam in person for the first time on their wedding day. The bride and I had corresponded multiple times by phone and by email and I really was so excited to meet them both. When I walked into the room, Alison greeted me with a hug and her bright smile. It felt like we had been friends for years already. The rest of the day went exactly like this, with a warm greeting from Adam and all their bridal party, friends and family. I appreciate that so much.

There was a really fun moment that came after family portraits. Adam looked at me with something on his mind.

“Is there another picture you’d like?” I asked. 

“Since we live in Florida, I really wanted a wedding photograph with mountains. It was a special request I had when planning a wedding in the Berkshires.” Adam said. Hmmm…. Seven Hills Inn is so beautiful but it doesn’t have a clearing that provides a mountain view. I had a thought. 

“Let’s get your bride, get in my car and I’ll drive you to some!” I said. My associate Lisa and Jaime from JPod Films hopped in too. Alison was so gracious to Adam. “Let’s do it, she said” (What a good wife already) However, it was clear she did not to miss too much of their cocktail hour and who could blame her?

This was my time to think fast. I am a local and know a lot about the good mountain views. Down the street from Seven Hills there was the perfect view but on someone’s lawn. We risked it!!

The good news: great pictures, nobody yelled at us, a very happy groom, a safely returned bride and another great adventure as a wedding photographer and hopefully a memorable moment for Alison and Adam. 

This wedding was a joy from that welcome greeting, through the really personal ceremony (seriously, wow was it good) and right into the dancing – there was a giant stuffed bear on that dance floor and I still don’t really know why!

Thank you both – you are wonderful people and I loved capturing your day.



VENUE – Seven Hills Inn
HAIR STYLIST – Salon Sapphire by Sabrina Marie
GOWN DESIGNER – Mori Lee by Madeline Gardner
DJ & LIGHTING – And the Beat Goes On
PHOTOGRAPHER – Tricia McCormack Photography


17 Main Street #2,
Lee, MA 01238
+ 1 413 358 8006