Sheila and Carlton’s wedding could not have been any cuter. These two sweethearts decided to tie the knot at age 80… what a love story! Their families, friends from church, and even Carlton’s Bridge buddies gathered for a small ceremony to witness the marriage. 

Music was something that instantly connected Sheila and Carlton. They met each other a few years ago (set up by mutual friends). Sheila and Carlton immediately knew they were a perfect match for each other. Sheila is a soprano, who has performed in numerous musicals and Carlton is very passionate about his church choir. Sheila and Carlton sang their vows to each other, which put a smile on everyone’s face in the church. It was a very special version of One Hand One Heart from West Side Story. Everyone enjoyed food and drink together post ceremony. At the end of the day everyone released butterflies together outside to mark the end of their reception.

Thank you for letting Tricia McCormack Photography be there with you both on this very special day! 


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