The Fenton Family, Mom- Roni, Dad- Chris, and kids- Abby, Matt & Sarah, met me on a cold November day for a fun family session. I first captured this family when Abby (the oldest) was my intern and a senior in high school. I was so glad to see them all in once place again. This family just adores each other, and they are so easy to be with! It was freezing but we laughed the whole time.

A lot of family sessions take place when children are small, but it is just as important to capture the moments when they are teenagers, and even beyond!

Moms love to receive the gift of family pictures, and it can be a fun family memory together. Roni put it best in her testimonial below:

“As you recall, our first photo session was two years ago when our kids were 17, 15, and 11. This was a special time because Abby would soon be graduating from high school and we knew that her going off to college would change the dynamic of our family and our home. It was also a tricky time because there was a lot of typical teenage “angst” and Matt, in particular, was not fond of getting his picture taken. On the day of our photo shoot, there was the typical “rushing around” to get ready and making sure that everyone looked their best. In the stress of it all, Matt and I had an argument about what he would (or would not) wear. I was very frustrated and angry that my children were not cooperating in the way that I thought they should. Thankfully, Tricia put everyone at ease and got us to relax. Almost immediately, you were able to see in us something that we did not see and that was the inner closeness that often gets lost in the stress of every day life. The experience was so positive and when we saw our photos, we (and everyone else) could see a close family bond. These photos have become precious treasures in our home. We continue receive many compliments from friends and family. 

We have just had our second photo shoot with Tricia and are equally pleased with the way that she is able to capture the emotion of our family. I strongly urge everyone to capture these fleeting moments in your lives. These pictures will be your treasured favorites. When it comes to teens, try not to stress too much about getting everyone to look “perfect”. Rather, let everyone be themselves and then let Tricia “work her magic”. 

As you can see, family sessions can take place at anytime of the year, summer or winter, so if you are looking for a perfect gift for parents or loved ones, feel free to contact me here: for more information. 

Thank you Fenton family for your time and your kind words. I can’t wait for our next session!! 


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