Imagine receiving a phone call 4 days before a client’s wedding to the panicked voice of a bride. “Our plans have changed.”  My client’s carefully chosen venue had unexpectedly canceled on them. This phone call would lead me on an adventure of compassion, quick thinking and searching through my phone for the right connections.

I listened to her fear and calmly said… “ let me make a call.” I called my colleague, who is the director at a local venue and explained the situation.  We talked over how to make it work. I was so excited to call my couple back. Now, the wedding they had planned for over two years would still go on

I’m sharing this story to give a little insight about what sets Tricia McCormack Photography apart. 

You see, there’s something that can’t easily be shared on a website or through social media. It’s the unseen moments with clients and the stories that unfold behind the lens that I feel set this business apart. I hope the couples that are looking to work with us take a moment to read our reviews and ask other vendors what it’s like to work with us. I’m truly proud of the experience we bring. 

I hope engaged couples find comfort in knowing that we are consistently active online, sharing glimpses of our work and behind-the-scenes moments. I want you to know you can count on a full time business that’s being run by a team of 4 local women. We show up daily to deliver the best quality work for the clients who choose us. 

Hiring Tricia McCormack Photography will guarantee technical expertise and talent behind the lens but also dependability and genuine care.  I have over 15 years of serving clients the best possible experience and that has put me in a position to have the wisdom, connections and grit to make last-minute solutions in the face of unexpected challenges.

You can trust your decision to go with TMP on this once in a lifetime day.


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