This wedding makes me so HAPPY!! I can’t emphasize that enough. What makes beautiful wedding pictures? When the expression of love and excitement is written on your face. When that joy comes out in tears you can’t hold back, in endless kisses for your new spouse and so much smiling that you have to massage the cheeks on your face during sunset photos so they get a little reset.

This is the kind of happy that Tiffany and Kevin’s wedding felt like. Their love was so easy and their day was so beautiful. To me, it feels like a gift to be the one who gets to share some of my favorite images of their day.

Before those are shown below, here are a few fun facts!

  • Tiffany and Kevin hired me before we met in person. After I was chosen as their photographer, Tiffany started coming to my fitness classes. I always tell her, it’s a lucky thing she still likes me. I’m a tough instructor, but as you can see Tiffany is in amazing shape. I’d like to take full credit for those arms, but she deserves it all! Kevin has also attended my classes which is so much fun.
  • I threw Tiffany a Bridal BootCamp a couple of weeks before her wedding … and here’s the fun fact – it was at 5:00am! (We are crazy) Another interesting thing was that I played a version of “the matching game” with Tiffany and Kevin. I had asked Kevin questions before the class unbeknowst to Tiffany and she had to match them. I asked Kevin “how many kisses does Tiffany give you a day?” He said 3-4. Tiffany said about 17!! After their wedding, Lisa and I agree, he was way off. She was right.
  • For Tiffany and Kevin’s engagement session, we recreated their first date in Kennedy Park. Kevin was there before Tiffany and I arrived and while he waited, he carved their initials into a Birch tree. It made the perfect backdrop to our springtime photo session.
  • On the wedding day, Kevin’s daughter Caroline was such a joy to watch during getting ready. She was so excited about everything that was happening around us. It was fun to see a wedding day through the eyes of a little girl.
  • Kevin and Tiffany had the perfect weather on June 8th. It was the only Saturday in all of June that had 0% chance of rain.
  • This week, they celebrated their one month anniversary. I marked the special date with the delivery of all their photos. Now I can’t wait to share this blogpost!

EVENT COORDINATOR – 5 Senses Events & Design
VENUE – The Mount
GOWN BOUTIQUE – L’Elite Bridal Boutique
BRIDESMAID BOUTIQUE – Bridal Gallery by Yvonne
TUX/FORMAL WEAR – Steven Valenti’s Clothing for Men
FLORIST – Carolyn Valenti Flowers
JEWELER – McTeigue & McClellan
CATERER – Marketplace Catering
DJ – Rob Alberti’s Event Services
RENTALS – Classical Tents
TRANSPORTATION – Transport the People
CALLIGRAPHY – Berkshire Love Letters
PHOTO BOOTH – Berkshire Photo Booth
PHOTOGRAPHER – Tricia McCormack Photography

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