Anne & Jason wrote me a couple of days after their wedding, I had shared a few sneak peek images…

“…We wanted to take this opportunity to tell you how very much we appreciated your incredible professionalism, warmth, and friendliness. Not only did you and Lisa capture so many moments in the most magical way, but it was a pleasure to spend time with you on a day that could easily have been stressful if not for your skills! We are so grateful that you were able to be a part of our wedding, and we can’t wait to see the rest of the photos that you have in store for us!…”

These words mean so much to me especially from Anne and Jason who I respect sooo much. I found in working with them leading up to as well as the day of their wedding, that they have their head, heart and priorities EXACTLY in the right place. Their day was all about emphasizing fun, friends and the celebration of being together and it was 100% that!!

I share their words because my clients love the look of natural and authentic photos and I truly believe that is captured when my clients feel that they can trust me and know I am going to take care of them throughout the day. I believe the experience I provide you on your wedding day is just as important as the photos. Thank you Anne and Jason! You are incredible.

OK, I love this part, here are some fun facts about their wedding:

  • When I arrived, Gedney Farm had the feel of a college campus. There was a huge gathering of guys playing a game in the field and others were enjoying some food outside in the sun. Jason had his guitar out and was playing as Anne, already with hair and makeup done was chatting casually with friends. OK – officially the chillest couple before their wedding EVER!
  • Anne and Jason didn’t have a wedding party and instead all of their siblings played a role in the ceremony. Drew, Jason’s brother was the officiant. Sarah and Carrie did personal readings during the ceremony and stood next to her. The couples soon to be brother in law played the ceremony music. Love, love, love ALL OF THIS.
  • During the ceremony, I noticed there was a person who had tears falling behind her sunglasses. I could sense all the emotion this girl was feeling. I went up to her during cocktail hour and said hello, I asked her about it and she explained how much Anne meant to her! I immediately took her over to Anne and made sure we made the time to snap some pictures of them together! These are some of my the most fun and favorite photos of the day.
  • In the wedding guide I provide my clients, I say that when in comes to wedding day details, a smart place to invest is in the bridal bouquet. We can do a lot with a beautiful bouquet. Anne described the style of their wedding as “low key farm fancy” – love it! So, where they didn’t have a ton of details, they had gorgeous coral and pink flowers with lots of greenery from Crocus Hale Flowers. Anne’s gorgeous bouquet was used often in their photographs and it added a stunning pop of color.
  • I love a wedding that emphasizes family and this continued into the reception. Each parent gave a wonderful, funny, loving and charming speech during dinner.
  • DJBFG – The way you mix that music together, I swear no one can bring themselves to exit that dance floor.
  • Anne and Jason are moving from NYC to Vermont. That will be a change of pace they are both excited for.
  • This week it was their 1 month anniversary!

VENUE – Gedney Farm
HAIR STYLIST & MAKEUP ARTIST – Michele’s Salon & Day Spa
GOWN DESIGNER – Catherine Deane
FLORIST – Crocus Hale
JEWELER – Mociun
PHOTOGRAPHER – Tricia McCormack Photography


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Lee, MA 01238
+ 1 413 358 8006