Tomorrow, I’ll be capturing Lauren and Alex’s wedding day. I met with them last year in Charlestown, MA to capture their engagement photos.

I want you to see the chemistry that I’ll surround myself with just by being in their company tomorrow. The joy is contagious.

Lauren was born and raised in Massachusetts, growing up spending most of her time in the Berkshires. She loves New England and knew she didn’t want to venture far, and has been working in Boston for over 6 years as an IT Consultant. Alex also grew up about an hour outside of Boston… the original city of Boston in the UK! Although his parents did move the family to Virginia for a few years growing up, Alex spent most of his life in a small village near Nottingham, UK. He came over to the states to live in Boston, MA for a job in engineering. He and Lauren arrived in Boston the same year. They frequented many of the same bars, attended the same fireworks shows on the Charles, and at one point even lived within a mile of each other. Though as fate would have it, they met – online! They told me that despite growing up so far from one another, they were actually very similar.

They met Labor Day weekend 2015, and each year celebrate that anniversary. This year it will be celebrated by getting married at Old Daley on Crooked Lake.

I can’t wait! See you soon. xoxo Tricia


17 Main Street #2,
Lee, MA 01238
+ 1 413 358 8006