Yes, this winter has been a long one, but this year, I have been so fortunate to have wonderful photography clients who were not afraid to get out in the colder weather. It really has helped me make the most of what Mother Nature had to offer. I was creatively inspired by the beautiful winter wedding with Stacie and Chad, a snowy portrait session with the Mills family, and then this engagement session with Courtney and Jeff. 

This month, I traveled to Newport to visit Courtney and Jeff at the Castle Hill Inn. We couldn’t believe our luck; for the first time in weeks, the temperature was above 20 degrees! Not only that—we had a crystal clear, blue sky, and it looked amazing against the fresh snow that had fallen earlier that week! 

Castle Hill is where Courtney and Jeff will marry on Memorial Day Weekend. I love everything about this upcoming wedding, the couple—Courtney and Jeff are so amazing—and their family—I was lucky enough to meet their parents and family when I shot Courtney’s sister’s wedding. I cannot wait to capture all these amazing moments on the water in Newport. Gorgeous!!

Summer will be here soon, but until then, I hope you enjoy these images of Courtney & Jeff’s engagement shoot. I love, love, love them! 


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