What do you get when a dozen alpacas, a guardian llama, a donkey, Icelandic horse, chickens, cats and farm dogs spend the day with me? The fluffiest branding photos TMP has ever had.

Suzanne, a local farm owner, had a passion for knitting, wool, and moving to the Berkshires. So together with her husband, they revitalized the old pastures, repaired existing buildings and completely brought this old dairy farm back to life. Suzanne reached out to me and was hoping for some fresh, new photos for print marketing. We decided that a two day branding session would capture the best parts of her store front in Great Barrington, Fluff Alpaca and leave us some time for animal photos at Green River Hollow Farm

If you are looking to refresh your existing marketing materials or you are just getting started. We can’t think of a better way to start – a branding session with TMP. Click here to see how you can get started. If you’re wondering if your business could benefit from this type of session, check out how other locals have done it.


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