Everything about this wedding makes me want to gush. The color pallete of ivory, yellow, champagne and gray chosen for this wedding was stunning among the backdrop of Gedney Farm. It was breathtaking to walk the fields filled with goldenrod as Jessica and Matthew walked together and we captured their portraits. 

The sky kept teasing us all day with the threat of rain and we caught on camera the one storm cloud that changed Jess & Matt’s plans for an outdoor ceremony. The guests were brought inside the barn to an indoor celebration of Jess & Matt’s marriage vows. During the barn loft ceremony I was in awe of the natural elegance of the exposed wood and the natural light coming in from the skylight above us. I heard the sound of the short lived rainstorm which confirmed they had made the right decision to bring it all inside. Even though the plans has changed, this indoor scene was also magical.

Jessica and Matt were showered with love all day by their close knit families and the incredible group of friends they are surrounded by. They both beamed with smiles the entire day. It felt wonderful to be a part of this wedding day celebration. 

Here are some highlights and from the length of this post, you’ll see it was hard for me to limit my favorites!

Congratulations Jessica & Matt – my heartfelt wish for a lifetime of happiness!



VENUE – Gedney Farm
OFFICIANT – The Father of the Bride – Dr. Marc Rudin
FLORIST – Crocus Hale
DJ – JTD Productions, Inc.
MAKE-UP & HAIR STYLIST – Peter Alvarez
PHOTOGRAPHY & PHOTO BOOTH – Tricia McCormack Photography


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