This surprise proposal was so much fun to capture! Steve was so sweet and the attention to detail that he put forth to surprise his girlfriend during a weekend getaway to the Berkshires was incredible.

Steve had chose the beautiful Norman Rockwell Museum for the proposal to take place. He and I went back and forth by phone on how to capture the moment and keep it a surprise. We had a plan and to make it more believable I suggested we include my family. I agreed to play the mom with a camera who was taking pictures of my kids and husband playing on the museum grounds. Steve and I had never met in person, so I told him what I would be wearing. He would come up to me and ask me if I could take a picture of him and his girlfriend with his iPhone. Once I did that, he would ask if I could take one more picture and thats when he would get down on one knee. 

The evening of the proposal arrived and together as a family we took our places. I snapped away as the boys played ball and the first time I saw Kathryn and Steve walking towards us was through my camera’s viewfinder. 

What I found out later was that the plan worked so well that Kathryn was actually the one who asked if they could find someone to take their picture and when she saw me with my camera she suggested I be the one to take it!!

I moved them to a scenic spot and snaped a shot on his iPhone. My hands were shaking! Then Steve bent down on one knee and Kathryn was in shock. She immediately said YES! 

The portrait session that followed was so energetic and some of the most emotionally spontaneous moments I’ve ever photographed. This newly engaged couple was so in love and happy. When I was leaving them I gave them a bottle of champagne and two glasses and encouraged them to go back to the proposal spot and take a quiet moment to let it settle in. It really was such a thrill to be part of this special moment. 

Wishing the warmest congratulations to Kathryn & Steve.  




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