Today I can’t wait to share this blogpost of another session with Jonathan and Mark. You may recognize them from the wildly popular post I put up when they were married this summer at Cranwell. It was such a beautiful & memorable wedding that even my mother saw them in public and approached them to tell them I was her daughter. 

I said it before, and it’s true. To know Jonanthan and Mark is to adore them, and that goes for their children too. When the family was up from Florida for a holiday visit in the week between Christmas and New Year’s, we arranged to capture their family portraits. So on December 29, I met Jonathan, Mark, Hershel, and Ava—and the family dog, Katie—at Cranwell again. 

It was a perfect session! I love how Hershel asked if we could recreate some of the family pictures we took on the wedding day—in the same location and the same pose. How could I say no? 

Thank you, Jonathan & Mark, for trusting me with these moments. I loved seeing you all again, and I hope this continues to be a yearly tradition for us.


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