Melanie and Mike’s wedding at The William’s Inn was one of the best summer days of 2023 we’ve had for an outdoor wedding. No rain!! We loved spending time with a relaxed bride and the sweetest bridesmaids swirling around the bridal suite together getting Melanie ready for her very special day. The Williams Inn is an upscale contemporary space that meets classic farmhouse. Melanie’s vision of taupe, champagne, and greenery was so perfectly thought out and the bouquets gave that scent of midsummer afternoons. Hanging out with Mike and his groomsmen was also so so much fun. A total surprise for Lisa and I was walking in to see Mike and a past groom was in the wedding party. 

Mike and Melanie both grew up in the Berkshires. They went to high school together, but never met. It wasn’t until they enrolled both of their puppies in training classes that an introduction was made and sparks of interest developed. 

Being with Melanie and Mike is so easy and it’s perfectly clear why they each find so much joy and love while together. Thank you for letting us spend this beautiful day with you.


17 Main Street #2,
Lee, MA 01238
+ 1 413 358 8006