Naomi and Alex’s wedding weekend was the best party… ever. When we met for the first time during their engagement session, I remember thinking how cute they were together and how excited I was for their wedding. Seeing them with their family and friends at the welcome dinner the night before was another great opportunity to enjoy Naomi and Alex. 

Naomi and Alex met in high school. Through college, a pandemic, med school, and cat parenting they’ve been a constant in each other’s lives. During the ceremony in the Linde Center, Naomi and Alex were surrounded by people who love them the most – they later shared this was their favorite part of the day. The room was filled with light even on the rainiest day. On their walk back down the aisle as husband and wife, Naomi had the biggest smile on her face – married and ready to dance.

The relentless downpour did not stop the most incredible party from immediately starting as soon as guests entered the clear top tent. They danced to James Taylor, such a fitting dance for a celebration at Tanglewood.  Glass globes filled with candles and string lights created a blanket of glimmer over long tables. The floral chandelier spun above Naomi and Alex as they delivered the most special bilingual welcome speech. Alex shared their sentiments and Naomi echoed his words in Spanish for her Argentinian family.


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