What’s not for me to love about Sarah and Dan? I met these two when Sarah was a bridesmaid in Jenaye & Joe’s wedding.  Her vibrant smile and fun personality made her stand out from the start. Then I met Dan during the reception and thought they were such a fun couple. We met again at Dan’s cousin Sarah’s wedding and laughed as they took a strong liking to the PhotoBooth. Believe it or not, I got to see them one final time last year when Dan was a groomsmen in Susan & Bryan’swedding. We were destined to be matched! 

These two grew up in the Berkshires and actually knew each other for a long time before they even began dating. Dan is the cousin of one of Sarah’s best friends but it wasn’t until Sarah was out of college and living in NYC and Dan was finishing up his senior year at Siena that romantic feelings started to grow. (Siena College is another reason to a big fan of Sarah & Dan. My husband Tom and I met at Siena and I love everything about that school.)  

These two just have a natural chemistry together, which made this engagement session so much fun. They picked a perfect highlight the beauty of the Berkshires during the Fall season which included a few snow flurries as well. Yes, that’s the Berkshire weather for you! Congratulations to you. I am THRILLED to be there to capture it this year.




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