This year I limited the amount of portraits I photographed as compared to years past. I made a choice that I wanted my family portraits to have more of a relaxed and authentic style, and I wanted to take the time to connect more with the families I captured. It is so important to me that my photography shows a family’s bonds and emotions. I really resonate with the idea of preserving a legacy of a time in a person or in a family’s life. 

So when the Cohen family asked if I would photograph them with their 2 year old daughter Charlotte at their home in Richmond, MA – I was so excited! I arranged to meet them during a weekday in October. We had the session while taking a relaxing stroll down a beautiful country road on a mild fall day. Along the way, it was obvious to me that this was a walk they do often because Charlotte pointed out all the little things she was used to seeing along the way. Emily had told me that they didn’t have many pictures of the three of them together and that was really a focus of mine throughout the session. I loved that I could capture them doing things that they loved in this moment. 

Before every portrait session I send out a questionnaire asking about those who will be in the session and to tell me about their personality. I also want to know from Mom and Dad what it is they would most like to get out of the session. It is so important to me to create a momento of their life right now, because those “normal” & “everyday” things will be so special to remember later on. As a mom, I can truly attest to this. 

Take a look at this wonderful family and be transformed back to a beautiful autumn day. I’ll be limited in the amount of portrait sessions I do this year as well, I hope that if you are interested in booking one, you’ll contact me here.

Thank you! Enjoy! 

xo Tricia 


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