I was so excited to get to see the McConnell family again! Cord, Paige, and Maison had come in from California and wanted an extended family shoot while they were visiting Cord’s brother and mom, as well as Paige’s father. I’d spent some time with all of them when I shot their wedding back in 2013 at Wheatleigh, and it was so much fun to get to see the whole family together!

Maison was just adorable the whole time! The best way to make him happy was to let him have a camera in his hands, and then he made us all laugh as he mimicked my every move. If I leaned down, he would too. If I turned the camera to take a vertical shot, he would too—looks like we’ve got a future photographer on our hands!

It’s always so much fun to do portraits for extended families, and I’m lucky that I get to shoot a lot of them here in the Berkshires, because families often gather here for vacations. What could be better than capturing happy family memories and creating a keepsake for generations to come?

And what better family could I have asked for? Cord & Paige, thank you for once again allowing me to be part of your lives! It was so much fun to see your whole family together and to laugh with you all. Best of luck back in California—and I hope to see you again soon!


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