The Space

Bloom Meadows is such an unforgettable venue in northern Berkshire County. The morning of your wedding starts in the Silo Suite, a unique space for getting ready and where you’ll stay the night. The parlor, is a secondary getting space connected to the main barn and is a great space to set up Berkshire Photo Booth later in night for your guests to enjoy. Bloom Meadows manicured terraced lawn rolls into a wildflower meadow where we always take TMP couples for their first look and portraits. Down a path leading to the Green River we can stop for some photos on the bridge a wooded area. The rolling mountains that surround the property create and unforgettable ceremony backdrop. Guests enjoy cocktail hour on the stone patio overlooking the property. The reception barn has become notorious for having a floral adorned chandelier above a bright open dance floor. 

Our Couples


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