As a photographer, I’ve witnessed many couples promise on their wedding day that they will be together forever through thick and thin. I have the honor of seeing the first day of this commitment to each other and it’s made me more sentimental about celebrating anniversaries.

This summer I was given the honor of capturing a special 50 year anniversary photo shoot.  I visited the parents home of my friend,Tammy. All 18 members of their family (from ages 1 to 70!) traveled to be together for this special photo session.  They wanted to make sure their time together was captured beautifully, and they knew this was the perfect way celebrate their parents golden anniversary of 50 years.  Liz and Richie began as high school sweathearts, married, raised 3 daughters and now their family has grown into this large loving group!

I wanted to hear from their three daughters, Sharon, Stacey and Tammy, “what do you think makes a successful long lasting relationship like your parents?”  All three girls answered that their success has come from lots of laughter and a deep belief in the importance of family. As you look at these images below I’m sure you’ll easily see how Liz and Richie have instilled these values in each of their daughters, who now continue to pass it down to their children. 

I loved this shoot so much and I know being together meant a great deal to everyone. Tammy told me “my mom and dad are celebrating a half of a century of love and laughter, what could be more special to all of us than that?”

I agree!  Thank you so much for giving me the incredible honor of capturing it. 



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