I’m a very reflective person so when the start of a new year begins, I take a moment to look back on the one that passed. I’ve always done this with my team as part of our yearly meeting, I thought I would share it with you too. Here’s what challenged us in 2023 and in turn, what we are hoping for in the brand new year ahead.

What Worked...

Ditching the fancy holiday dinner.  I decided this year to tap into the love languages of our team and hosted a night in instead of going out to a crowded restaurant.  I wrapped up “favorite things” to gift one another and supplied all the paper and ribbon so we could package our family’s gifts in the most beautiful way. We sipped Christmas cocktails, ate charcuterie and even played a trivia game that recapped our year together at work.  There was laughter, camaraderie, and creativity in wrapping to make it a personal and unforgettable celebration.

The Big Ass Calendar. Planning my calendar way ahead of time was a game-changer this year. By blocking out dates a year in advance, I was present with my family for high school graduation, college move in day and parent’s weekend.  Click here for a tool I used to plot my time. 

Our unsung hero – ALBUMS. Weaving stories into tangible memories that clients absolutely adored. This team believes in legacy and that means more to us than just shooting and delivering files.  We are proud to say 28 clients were delivered an album this year. 

And let’s talk about the new photo booth – it’s a showstopper that added an extra dash of fun to every event. It might have taken us 6 variations to get it perfect, but this one is the one! Our newest Printing Booth allowed us to not only go to weddings, but a ton of corporate events and birthday parties. I love it so much that we now have two! 

Amidst the baby bumps, our team seamlessly navigated around two maternity leaves (Kalei in the winter/spring and Lisa in the fall/winter), proving that teamwork truly makes the dream work.

What Sucked...

Our Golden Hour Family Portrait Session campaign was an absolute hit with families but Mother Nature herself was the problem. There was SO much rain this year particularly in the summer and fall. It was a game of shuffling schedules to fit everyone in between the storm clouds but with a little patience from our clients we made it work. 

Our overflowing calendars in October/November had us turning down clients. Many of our clients took our advice and booked in advance of the season which didn’t allow room for last minute inquiries.  This year, we are strategizing a plan to make room for more of those beautiful fall sessions that everyone can’t get enough of. 

On the wedding front, some clients opted out of having Berkshire Photo Booth as an add on. Since I go to so many weddings, I have the inside track on how to elevate a reception.  The excitement of a dance floor is captured with a selfie booth and a cocktail hour is made more memorable for guests with a printing booth, but my messaging and marketing fell short. If you follow along with us, you’ll see more about the booth in 2024!

Getting ghosted.   Even though I’ve had a photography business for many years, I see a trend that makes my people-pleasing heart a little weary.  When a wedding inquiry makes it to the level of engaged emails and conversation, I match it with the excitement and urgency that I know a couple must be feeling.  They’ve shared their date and I’ve put a potential hold in our system and have a heightened sense of not giving it away.  However, more times than previous years, the deafening silence of ignored messages has replaced the courtesy of letting me know it’s not the best fit.  


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